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Furniture glass

Furniture glass

Furniture glass


Product Name: Furniture glass

Key: Furniture glass  outdoor furniture glass

Glass furniture in general the use of high hardness of glass and metal framework, the transparency of the glass is higher than the ordinary glass 5 - 4 times. High hardness durable tempered glass, can withstand normal knock, hit, hit, pressure strength, fully able to withstand and wooden furniture weight.


Glass process of the invention, so that the level of modern decoration on the one step, the glass transparent, easy to clean the characteristics of a growing number of welcome. In the background of the rapid development of modern technology, glass is not only used in the windows, while furniture also appeared in the shadow of the glass. The emergence of furniture glass, so that the original monotonous furniture look new, bright, clean characteristics of the traditional furniture has changed the characteristics of dark, popular people's favorite.


In the purchase of furniture, modern consumers are increasingly inclined to the choice of furniture glass. Although the glass is only part of the furniture, but the existence of the glass to make furniture beautiful. Such as glass tea table, glass cabinet is a common furniture glass. Glass in the production process can be a multi pattern change, matte glass, glass, glass, glass, toughened glass, etc., are the product of modern glass technology. Different home in the use of different material properties of the glass case, the furniture will be a unique change.


Glass furniture in the use of the process are required to carry out a certain maintenance, otherwise the glass will not be able to maintain the production of clean and thorough properties. Glass furniture in daily use, very easy to stain stains, as long as the glass on a little stains, but it seems to be very obvious. But the traditional cloth will often make glass furniture become increasingly blurred, a serious impact on the beautiful, and we only need a little bit of vinegar, you can quickly remove stains. Of course, the user can also buy some special glass cleaning liquid, the effect is also very obvious.


Our company's R & D and production of silk screen glass is widely used in a variety of high-end leisure furniture, widely involved in the processing and supply of high-grade furniture glass, get the majority of customers.