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How do I clean the window?

How do I clean the window?

1, you can find old newspapers. The newspaper is one of our most commonly used method, surface printing oil left, can wipe the stains on the glass and dust and very effective, with the newspaper folded into small pieces to rub, then rub after the windows will feel particularly bright.
2, water and cloth. Use a rag to soak in water, then use dry cloth on the glass below the pile to the water, and then with a wet cloth from the glass box with water, the floating dust and soil, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the box, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the glass. From the top down, it will not rework, so that you can clean the box.
3. Use glass scraper. We have no glass box, only this can use glass windows, sprinkler and glass scraper, more professional, with glass cleaner water and then sprayed on the glass, with a scraper to scrape off the dirt and water glass. Because the scraper can be pressed against the glass to scrape off the tiny dust.
4 sponge block. Sponge blocks can be used to clean the glass. When it is rubbed, it does not harm the glass or it can control the water. Proper cleaning with detergent, and then you can use absorbent cloth to absorb detergent, and then wipe with a dry cloth, relatively bright.
5. Glass cleaner. Now everything can be used by human beings, our wisdom is very strong, so we have this little thing to clean the glass.
6, two people rub on both sides. Sometimes, both sides of the glass are dirty, you can two people from each of their two sides began to rub, from the beginning of the contrast against the rub, you do not have to turn back and forth.
7, if there is no platform outside the window. We can use glass scraper to complete, be careful, don't lean to a person outside the windows, is very safe, if you need to clean the ride or sit at the window, with a glass knife long to complete. But I don't recommend it.
8, from hanging. Many of the buildings or the company will hire a professional cleaning glass spider man who can come out from the roof hanging down cleaning glass, they are more professional, so when necessary or professional.
9, do not let the children go to wipe the window glass, the child can come to wipe the indoor desks and chairs, or to help, but do not let the child go window climbing alone, it is very dangerous.