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laminated glass

laminated glass


Product Name: laminated glass

Key: compound glass, laminated glass, Skylight glass, Railing glass, Suspended ceiling glass


Laminated glass is sandwiched between two or more layers of glass on the tough PVB intermediate film, and then through the high temperature, high pressure to firmly bond together to form a safety glass. PVB film chemical name is called polyvinyl butyral. It has good toughness, in laminated glass by external crashing and breaking, the film will absorb a large number of shocks can make the rapid decay. Therefore, laminated glass is difficult to breakdown, even if the glass is shattered, still can keep the excellent integrity. Avoid glass splash caused by the human body or property losses and the whole glass remained intact may continue to resist impact and shelter from the wind and rain. In addition, PVB in the middle of the film has a variety of colors, rich decorative appearance effect.


Application range:

Widely used in curtain wall construction, lighting ceiling, ceiling, doors and windows, car, train, ship transport of the front windshield, roof, ceiling, fence, partition, flooring, staircases, furniture, windows, aquarium, high - pressure equipment of the observation window, bullet proof, explosion-proof equipment and so on.


Characteristics of PVB film laminated glass:

Safety: laminated glass broken, no scattered, still can keep one, will not cause harm to the human body.

Security: laminated glass is not easy to be cut, not easy to be breakdown, it can withstand 1040g ball since 1.2 meters free fall impact, so it can effectively resist vandalism, theft and violent invasion. In addition, the multi-layer laminated glass can be used in order to effectively ensure the safety performance.

Optical properties: the transmittance of laminated glass is proportional to the transmittance of the original glass.

Noise reduction: PVB intermediate film has a certain effect on the sound wave, so the laminated glass can effectively reduce the noise.

Anti UV linearity: the barrier of the laminated glass can be more than 99%, and can effectively avoid the indoor furniture, furniture, UV radiation and have an impact.

Stability: laminated glass can be long-term by the sun exposure, humidity, heat and other special environment and the basic does not change.