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Tempered glass cutting steps

Tempered glass cutting steps

Modern society we are demanding for the fashion, so many people will use the glass for the beautiful glass as raw materials, then whether it is to install their own windows or do some other projects, many people will ask the tempered glass can cut? In fact, cut glass as a Item hand skills is not difficult to master, we can also understand the tempered glass cutting steps will be very helpful to us!

Can the tempered glass cut?


1, once the finished glass can not be cut, drilling or forming. This is because the tempered glass is specially designed to distribute the pressure and will break and break if the tensions inside the glass break. Therefore, any tempered glass units must be cut to size and shape before the toughening process takes place.


2, if the float glass is broken, it will break the very sharp, dangerous glass fragments. However, the toughening process creates the tension of the interior and surface of the glass panel to increase its strength and durability. It also ensures that if the glass breaks, it will break the small, harmless glass fragments.