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Tempered glass cutting steps

Tempered glass cutting steps

1, prepare the work area. You need a large flat table, so hard that so hard to scratch this piece of glass. The work area should be easy to clean. Due to the possibility of glass fragments, so as to avoid working on the carpet above. Wipe the surface of the glass you are ready to cut. Any stains and irregularities on the glass will prevent you from scratching on it. Wipe the place where you want to scratch with a rag or finger.

2, prepare a glass cutter and some low viscosity oil. Glass cutter size and pencil similar to the use of diamond or hard wheel in the glass scratches, so that you can cut the glass along the scratches. You can buy cutting oil in the hardware store or use some kerosene.

3, measure and mark where you want to scratch. Scratches must be from one side edge to the other side edge. You can mark the glass with a marker (if you want to cut a straight line, you can use a ruler). You can also use paper to mark, and then put the paper under the glass. Cutting length should not be too long. Scratches more than 60 cm will increase the risk of glass fragmentation. Make sure that the scratches are left on both sides by about 15 cm in the edge so as to leave the grip space. If cutting small pieces

We want to know that the tempered glass is so popular, because the characteristics of the tempered glass is very much, especially by the people's favorite, then the use of the process may be encountered in a variety of problems, such as steel Can the glass be cut and, in the hands of a professional person, it is possible to carry out proper cutting and operate in accordance with the correct tempered glass cutting step to cause damage to the tempered glass.