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Tempered glass know how much

Tempered glass know how much

Tempered glass according to its flatness is divided into: excellent products, qualified products, excellent products for automotive windshield; qualified products for architectural decoration. This article focuses on the building used in the construction of tempered glass.

Most of the building glass used in the construction of doors and windows, building walls, and doors and windows tempered glass, it is the most close to each of us life needs, each family are the doors and windows appear.

How to identify genuine and tempered glass

3C certification mark

State regulations, tempered glass must have 3C certification mark, so the easiest way is to see if there is no 3C logo. You can visit the official website of China Quality Certification Center.

Click on the "certificate query", select the manufacturer, query to the results that meet the national security standards, if the show "did not find the certificate" is unqualified. You can also enter the security code to the "certificate number" to query, so the query more accurate.

Identify true and false

Even in the official website to find the 3C logo is true is not necessarily tempered glass, because there is no steel can also be printed on the 3c logo. Here we can use a knife, scraping scraping 3c logo. It is easy to scrap off for the fake, not easy to scratch the true. Because printed on the 3C logo, into the steel furnace is difficult to fall after. Later printed, casually scraping down on the drop